When Should You Walk Away From A Sale?

I had an interesting email last week from a salesperson who said
she had been working with a prospect for over 9 months and still
hadn’t got a definite yes or no from them. Should they drop it,
or was there still a chance for her?

Well, naturally,not knowing all the details, I couldn’t give a
definitive reply, but there are some guidelines you should follow
to determine if you should walk away from a prospective sale.

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Do you actually have a walk-away strategy or do you continue
to persevere even though it feels like you are hitting your head
against a brick wall?

2) Is the potential for business greater than the effort you are
having to put in? (Add up the time you have spent on dealing with
the prospect and compare it with what you are paid. Still wanting
to pursue?)

3) What does you gut feel say? Is your intuition telling you it
simply isn’t worth following up?

4) Is the prospect really interested in your service, quality,
back-up, warranties, guarantees, business-growth ideas? Or are
they simply interested in price and nothing else?

I don’t advise you to give up too soon, or stop the process
because you can’t cope with the tactics of the prospect. What I
am suggesting, though, is that you have a specific walk-away
strategy to use as a blueprint when the potential value of future
business from the client is doubtful or taking up just too much
of your time.

Happy Selling!

Sean McPheat

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