The Stuff of Dreams

Dreams tend to get short shrift in our culture. Oh, the word crops up all the time. But too often it’s in the context of something pie-in-the-sky or other-worldly. “Dreamer” is a by-word for someone disconnected from reality. Many people avoid using or even thinking about the word “dream” in reference to their own vision and desires, because they’ve been conditioned to associate it with childishness or a lack of seriousness. (You might even notice a little of this conditioning bubbling up in your own mind right now!)

It even goes further than that. For some, “dream” is simply shorthand for “something that will never be.”

This never ceases to amaze me. Because the truth is, there is nothing MORE serious, MORE powerful, MORE incredibly real, than a dream.

Look around you. How many things in your immediate sight have always been there? Aside from the natural landscape, I’d venture to say not a single thing. At one point, the lamp here on my desk… the keyboard I’m typing on… the phone in my pocket… everything around me, and around you too, was a dream in some man or woman’s marvelous mind.

Notice I didn’t say “just” a dream. I never minimize the significance of that word, and neither have all the dreamers, from time immemorial right on through today, who knew that the vision in their mind’s eye was no less real simply because others couldn’t see it. On the contrary, they MAXIMIZED its importance. So should you.

Dream as if your life depended on it. Because it does!

Just how important are you dreams? Here’s a clue: A study was conducted at a leading U.S. university to evaluate the power and necessity of dreams. The participants were attached to brainwave monitoring devices which indicated exactly when they began dreaming. Whenever a person would start to dream, they would be awakened so that the dreaming couldn’t continue.

The results shocked the team of doctors conducting the study. Some patients became neurotic. There were signs of deep, emotional upset and imbalance due to dream deprivation. The experiment was actually abandoned prematurely because the possible risks to the subjects were too high.

The implication is that our health, our very lives, depend on the ability to dream. Isn’t that phenomenal? I consider it an enormously clear message from Mother Nature that we are meant to take our dreams extremely seriously.

I find this study so profound that I recently shared it with our Matrixx clients as part of their pre-event preparation.
If you aren’t familiar with it, Matrixx is an intensive six-day program in which a small group of people work one-on-one with me, Sandy Gallagher, and each other to bring their vision for their businesses, finances, and lives all the way into concrete being.

In short, it’s about helping people make their dreams come true.
To me, that is the most serious mission imaginable. Does it excite you, too? Or do you find yourself wanting to dismiss it as silly or even impossible? If so, take a step back from your reaction and examine it. Where did that programming come from? How long has it been a part of your paradigm? Are there dreams you minimized or even abandoned because of it?

Make no mistake: Your dreams are anything but silly. They are the most powerful tools you possess. So I encourage you to immediately start taking them as seriously as your body does. Acknowledge them as the force they really are. Listen to them, and let them lead you where they will.

Bob Proctor -Author, Speaker and Coach

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