Subject: Relevant Story Closing

Ever heard of the relevant story close?

Well, this is a useful closing technique to use when there
is hesitancy from your prospect about purchasing your
product or service.

And his/her objections can be about anything.

Here’s how it is used…

People love a good story.

So with this in mind, when you experience resistance in the
closing stage, you simply tell the prospect a story of
a happy client that had the same objection or concerns
as the prospect but they followed your advice, purchased
the product and was extremely please with it.

I also call this the “social proof close” because you are
providing a real life example and proof rather than what
the product will do for the prospect.

Here’s an example of a typical conversation…

“It’s just too expensive”

“I agree My Prospect, it is more expensive than the
other products out there and WIDGETS LTD and
BLOGGS INC thought exactly the same as you are
right now but they took my advice, purchased the
product and now WIDGETS has experienced an
increase in productivity of 33% and BLOGGS has
been able to reduce their cost base by 11.5%”

Then, reach in your briefcase and pull out two
testimonials/case studies of WIDGETS LTD and
BLOGGS INC and hand it over to the prospect.

“The Managing Director’s telephone number and
email address are at the bottom of each page –
please feel free to contact them to get it straight
from the horses mouth”

“WIDGETS and BLOGGS both loved that we offer
a 100% money-back guarantee so the risk was
on us and not on them. You’ll also get that security
and peace of mind too Mr Prospect, which model
would you prefer? The ZX67 or the ZX88?”

So, please modify this approach for whatever
that you sell. This technique is very powerful and is one
that I use a lot with selling our training courses.

Sean McPheat

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