Sales Tips – Your Clients Are A Great Resource

How many times has your manager told you to go out and prospect?
If they are worth their salt, I hope it’s hundreds of times.

And they may even have given you a lead sheet to help you on your

Do you know the best source of leads? The people who you will
want to call, rather than shy away from?

Well, you may be interested to know you’ve got many HOT
prospects who you may be already ignoring.

Of course, it’s your current customers.

Why are they the best people to call for more business?

Well, firstly, they already know you, and, if you’ve done your
job right, they already like you.
You’ve already got rapport with them, and they trust you.
They respect you and like your products or services.
They’ve paid you in the past, and, most importantly, you
don’t have to sell to them…they will buy.

So how can you get them to buy as much, if not more, than cold

Here are some ideas:

* Sell them an upgrade on what they get at the moment
* Look for other users of your services in different departments
* Give them some help in selling the product to THEIR customers
* Get referrals from them
* Give referrals back to them
* Sell them something new or in a different way

Even if they don’t buy from you today, the fact your name is in
front of them continues to builds goodwill and the long-term
relationship with them.

And you are always seeking for new opportunities to sell, so why
not look within the companies that already love you? You know it
makes sense!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

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