MTD Sales Tips – Let’s do the basics extraordinarily well by Sean McPheat

I hope you are well and have closed some more deals?

Although here at MTD we cover many advanced sales
techniques and strategies during our courses, there is
no substitute for mastering the basics.

I use a saying that goes:

“Let’s do the basics extraordinarily well”

Then you can move onto some of the more advanced

So, with that in mind, let’s get back to some basics
this week!

Here are some basic steps to increase your sales:

1. Qualify Your Prospect

Maximising your time is important, so the faster you
can determine if you’ve got a potential customer the

Determine who the “Decision Maker” is, do you have
a good rapport with him/her, is their a problem you
can solve or do they know there’s a problem?

You may have the greatest hammer in the world,
but if all this prospect uses is screws – you can’t
sell your product!

2. Gain Trust

Price and product benefits are obvious buying factors,
but less obvious ones are intuition, impressions, and rapport.

Prospects are just as apt to buy for emotional reasons
as practical ones, so you need to show them you are
most like them, you’re sincere, you keep your word,
and are honest.

If you say you’ll see them on Tuesday, make sure
you keep your word.  Don’t make a promise you don’t
intend on keeping.

3. Define Your Unique Position

Your product or service provides your customer with
a specific benefit or group of benefits.

Make sure it isn’t the same as your competition.

Why does your company stand out?

Let them know the difference.


Most salespeople are guilty of “overselling”, and often
miss the sentence from the prospect that says,
“You’re right. We’ll take it.”

Listen to your prospect as he answers open-ended questions,
and even listen to his tone and inflections of speech.

Uncover the problem, and then provide the solution and
stop talking.

5. Stay Focused

Too many salespeople spend all their time putting out
fires instead of making sales.

Spend at least 80-90% of your time trying to produce

The sales window of 9am-5pm is small, so plan your
selling time accordingly.

Schedule non-sales generating duties outside this time.

6. Polish Your Presentation

Don’t take your sales presentation for granted.

Practice your pitch.

You’ve spent a lot of money perfecting your product
or service, take the time to develop a comfortable,
confident, effective presentation.

7. Do Your Homework

Research your prospects so that you can ask better questions,
show better under-standing of his business, and be more prepared
and confident before your meet.

8. Learn From Success

Many salespeople have success in one industry with one
type of client, and then don’t focus on getting more of the
same type.

If you’ve been successful selling to doctors and publishers,
call on other doctors and publishers and refer to the successes
you’ve had.

Prospects will trust you more if they know you have previous
experience with others in their field.  You also spend less time
establishing your credibility with them.

I hope you enjoyed these tips?

I was recently reading that the only difference between
an average baseball player and an All-Star is just one more
hit in every 10 when they bat!

So step up to the plate and sell, sell, sell.

Sean McPheat
Sales Authority, Bestselling Author & International Speaker
Managing Director – MTD Sales Training

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