How to avoid a disaster!

Here’s a good lesson…

Just over a week or so ago I pitched for a 100k sales
training programme.

After a long winded process, 10 providers became 5 and then
5 became 2 with MTD being one of them.

The final presentation that I just completed was to the

10 days before the presentation I was told:

“We have state of the art rooms Sean so you can toggle
your laptop in to the projector no problem. Also, as
requested I will ensure that there are flip charts and
pens in the room”

Now, I’ve been around the block a few times to learn
that you should always have a plan B!

To that end I took my own projector and a spare flip
chart… just incase.

So what happened?

Well, when I arrived the projector was not compatible with
my laptop and the flips that the admin boy had sorted for
me were “stolen” by someone in the training team!

This could have been disastrous for me!

Instead, acting kinda kool I just plugged in my own
projector, hung up my own flip chart and wowed them!

We start next month!

So what are the lessons for you?

Think about the following when you are meeting with a

– If your laptop did not work what would you do?

– Have you got the relevant information for the client?

– Have you got diagrams for the visual people?

– Have you got the detail for the analytical people?

– Have you done your homework about the client?

– If the technology went belly up, what would you do?

– Are you prepared?

Until the next time, take care of yourself and happy


Sean McPheat

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