Giving WOW Presentations (1 of 4)

Life is a presentation.

We are making presentations all day every day and we are being presented to all day every day. So as we continue to build upon our 2014 theme of WOW, if you want to lead a WOW year, you are going to need to learn how to deliver WOW presentations.

In this four-part series, I will not only share some of my favorite and most powerful presentations from the top leaders and highly acclaimed keynote speakers in history, but I will also provide a three-point plan on how you can start crafting your own WOW presentations.

Just before I sat down to create this four-part blog series, I saw a WOW presentation. In fact it wasn’t a presentation at all, it was a commercial… or rather a presentation disguised as a commercial. I’ll share more on that in a later instalment.

But back to WOW presenting… How would you like to influence, persuade and move people into action through a presentation?

Imagine what you could do over 30 minutes if you knew the formula used in the development and delivery of a WOW presentation. At the end of this series I will give you the same three-point formula that will help you WOW in any presentation you do.

In fact, this entire series is designed to teach you how to deliver WOW and to do so we are going to WOW you a bit. Not only do we have one of the top presentation coaches and thought leaders here to share his best ideas and insights on how to deliver WOW, but we have also prepared some of the most WOW presentations ever given in history in order for you to learn from, borrow from and be inspired by.

They are magnificent! I think you will really enjoy taking that trip through time with me. “I have a dream…” “And so, my fellow Americans: Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country…”

“Four score and seven years ago…” Each of these are just a few words from speeches that changed the way we live. They changed our hearts, our minds, our very world. The words we use and the presentations we deliver hold great power. How we use them can either enhance our lives and businesses or can bring them crashing down.

For this first instalment we gathered up a few examples for you to learn from and, once again, be inspired by.

First up is Lyndon B. Johnson and his special message to Congress on March 15, 1965, the speech titled, We Shall Overcome. When listening to his speech, take note of the use of powerful words that draw out shared emotion of loyalty and patriotism from the audience.

Next is one from one of the greatest orators of all time, Sir Winston Churchill. This is taken from his speech titled, “We Shall Fight on the Beaches.”

Will be continued. . . . . 

Giving WOW Presentations (2 of 4)

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