Be a Better Manager with These 4 Tips by Brian Tracy

Are you leading your employees to the best of your ability? Brian Tracy, speaker 

and top-selling author, shares four essential actions for leaders who want to 

bring their team to success.

For motivational and effective leadership, a leader must: 

1. Keep people in the know. Your goal is to become a transformational leader—

the kind of person who motivates and inspires people to perform at levels far 

beyond anything that they had previously thought possible. Transformational 

leaders empower others by keeping them “in the know,” making sure they’re fully 

informed on everything that affects their jobs. People want and need to feel that 

they are “insiders,” that they are aware of everything that is going on. There is 

nothing so demoralizing to a staff member than to be kept in the dark about their 

work and what is going on in the company. 

2. Give regular feedback. One empowering behavior practiced by 

transformational leaders is regular feedback on performance and results. People 

need to know how they’re doing so they can improve if performance is below 

standards and so that they can be proud of their successes. The more feedback 

you give to people, the better, as long as the feedback is objective and not 

critical. My friend Ken Blanchard says, “Positive feedback is the breakfast of 


3. Praise generously. Be generous with your praise and encouragement. 

Remember, people are the only asset that can be made to appreciate in value by 

giving them warmth, respect, approval and by creating a climate of positive 


4. Set high standards for yourself. What companies and countries and 

institutions need today are courageous visionary leaders who are committed to 

creating an exciting future for themselves and others. You have within you the 

ability to evolve and grow as a leader and to make a real difference in the world 

around you. And the one thing you can know for sure about yourself is that, no 

matter what you’ve accomplished up to now, there is far more that you can do. 

As you practice the behaviors of effective leaders, you will grow more and more 

toward the realization of your full potential. It’s completely up to you. 

In summary, here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into 

action in your work: 

First, hold regular meetings with your staff and tell them everything that is going 

on. Invite their comments, questions and concerns. Make everybody feel as if he 

or she was an insider in the organization. 

Second, continually look for opportunities to give positive feedback, praise and 

encouragement. People need praise and encouragement like roses need rain and 

sunshine. Take very opportunity to make people feel better about themselves and 

their work.

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