10 Ways To Gain An Extra Hour Every Day

What would you do with an extra 30 days a year? That’s a whole
month! Wow, I know what I’d do, and it would be very valuable
to my clients!

All you need to do is grab one extra hour every day and you’ve
achieved that goal. Here are some things you can do that will
easily achieve this:

* Plan your day the night before, and set your alarm one hour
earlier. Take that time for reflection, planning, assessing what
will make this day great

* Make a will-do list and stick to it. You simply can’t do
everything that you want to do in a day, so make a ‘will-do’
list, things that will actually save you time in the long run

* Watch out for others who waste your time. Cutting down on
wasted emails, phone calls, interruptions and meetings can easily
buy back some valuable time

* Tackle those ‘elephant’ jobs first. You know how to eat an
elephant…one bite at a time. So approach a big job in segmented
parts and plan to achieve a specific goal in the shortest time.
Planning effectively will concentrate the mind and help you
achieve more, quicker

* Plan to double up on tasks. For example, collect some more
stationery while you make the trip to the next meeting. It will
create a feeling of urgency and stop you from making unnecessary
journeys later

* Keep envelopes and paper and stamps in your car. You won’t
have to waste time making a special trip to the post office for
just a small number of items

* Delegate efficiently. This will give you time to do things only
you can do. Can you get admin support to do some paperwork for
you? That frees you up to do the tasks only you can complete

* Work hardest at the times when you are most alert. This could
be early morning or late afternoon…it doesn’t matter. All of
us are most efficient and effective at certain times, so achieve
more when you are feeling at your best

* Multi-tasking has proved for many to be more time-consuming
than focusing on one thing at a time. So, to identify the best
use of your time, focus and concentrate so you get good quality

* If you haven’t followed tip 1, then spend some time at the
end of the day determining what you learned from the day and how
you can apply those ideas with your next clients

If you identify just one or two things from this list, it will
spur you on to achieve more in less time, and you’ll create a
lot of energy from gaining an extra hour every day.

Happy Selling!


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