Why giving is better than receiving

Why giving is better than receiving. A farmer’s son explains :-

Gopi Reddy, who is one of the eight winners of the Godrej LOUD initiative (where winners get Rs 1.5 lakh to fulfil their dream) this year, is a perfect example of this.

12 years ago, the son of a farmer, Reddy was brought to Hyderabad city from Ravulapenta village of Andhra Pradesh to be educated by his paternal uncle.

He went on to receive a fully-funded scholarship after class 12 that took care of four years of his engineering education.

Reddy is currently pursuing his MBA from the Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi and wants to use the prize money of Rs 1.5 lakh he received from Godrej to realise a long cherished dream!

His ‘dream’ was selected from over 733 applications sent by B-school students from across the country.
And what is Reddy’ dream?

“I want to sponsor the education of two deserving students from the school I studied in my village,” he says.

When he shared the news with his father Narsi Reddy, the latter told his son: “I am glad you have not forgotten your roots. I am very happy for you.”

From an ignorant village school kid to an MBA student at one of the country’ most sought after business schools, Reddy’ journey to success has not been an easy one.

But he fought against all odds and emerged victorious.

Without the help of private coaching, he not only managed to top his school in class 10, but also scored an impressive 97 per cent in the Common Admission Test.

The aspiring social entrepreneur who’ previously worked at Infosys, Pune says he finds his inspiration in N R Narayana Murthy who “made it to the top despite social challenges.”

Reddy is thankful to his uncle who funded 90 per cent of his high school education.

The 23-year-old now wants to use his education to mentor and improve the lives of several students like him who come from poor economic backgrounds.

In this interview, Gopi Reddy takes us through the various moments that defined his life and tells us what inspired him to keep going.
What are your greatest learning’s?

I have learned that no matter what challenges life throws at you, never give up. Life will throw an equal number of opportunities for you to rise up.

I did not understand the value of education until I moved up the career ladder.

I have realised that success is defined by how educated and aware you are about the things around you. For that, you have to rise above challenges like poverty and lack of resources.

Another important lesson I’ve experienced is that if your effort and intent is genuine, no matter how poor the idea or execution is, you are bound to succeed.

What’s your advice to young readers?

Always remember that perseverance is everything.

All of us are bound to face challenges and failures. If something or someone pulls you down, try not to lose focus.

Work hard and improve your performance from good to better, better to best.

Never complain about what you don’t have, instead work on making it better.

Think about the benefits the next generation of your family will enjoy. That should motivate you to work hard today.

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