The Greatest Person – An Inspirational Story

the greatest person

The King asked during a discussion, “Who the greatest person in our kingdom?”
The King had thought that everybody will tell his name. In fact, every one present did that. But the Minister said, “Oh Lord, I may be excused. I think I know the greatest person of our kingdom. But he is not you.”
The King got a little shock. But he kept silent as the Minister used to tell the correct thing always. He asked, “Can you show me that person?”
The Minister said, “Yes Sir, we will go to him today afternoon.”
In the afternoon, the King and the Minister started off riding on two horses. They reached near a small hutment inside the jungle. An old woodcutter was living there.  The King and the Minister were in disguise. On arrival there, they asked for shelter as two travelers. The woodcutter gave them shelter inside his hutment immediately. After sometime, it became evening. The woodcutter requested them to stay there in the night and offered the food he had kept for himself to the two guests.
As the evening passed, heavy clouds gathered on the sky. After some time, it started raining heavily. At that time, there was a knock on the door. Someone was looking for shelter to save himself from the rain. The old man called him inside. Now there were four persons in that small cottage.  There was no room for another person. But after sometime, someone else knocked at the door. The newcomer was also a traveler who was asking for some shelter for safety from the rains. This time, the old man himself went outside and requested the traveler to stay inside. The whole night, the old man sat on the verandah and was drenched in the rain.
In the morning when the rain had stopped, each one of the guests started for their destination. On the way, the Minister said to the King, “Oh Lord, Did you see the greatest person of our kingdom? One who sacrifices everything he has for the well being of others is indeed the greatest person of all. However rich one may be, if he cannot part with the same to others with happiness, then how can he be a great person?”
The King understood. 

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