How I See Me

A year and a half ago I had very different beliefs – about the world and myself.

I was someone who always had a drive for more. I wanted to do well in my Nursing career, I always took on more overtime, volunteered for the charge nurse role and eventually became a Manager. It seemed like the perfect way to “climb the ladder” while doing what I loved most, helping people. What I did not expect with the increased responsibility was working longer days with less pay, the mountains of stress I felt myself under and the lack of personal satisfaction in what I was doing. Helping people was seeming further away.

August 2019 was a pivotal time for me. I had quit my nursing career as signs were everywhere that I needed to slow down and relax. My mind was at dis-ease and my body was having a hard time keeping up. We downsized our home and I put all my focus and attention into my network marketing business. The harder I tried, the harder it seemed to get. I felt stuck and was longing for more. I could see no passion anywhere in my life.

Although it is no surprise now, the universe provided me with exactly what I needed at the most divine time. I ended up on a mindset training with a Proctor Gallagher Consultant and in walked Bob Proctor. I started studying one of his courses and the shifts were almost immediate.

For 30 days I studied me. I examined my current beliefs about myself, the narrative that was running in my head, and identified all the ways I was limiting myself. I won’t claim this process was easy because it felt challenging at the time. The contrast was beautiful because it showed me exactly how I no longer wanted to see myself.

For years I allowed my body to be a liability. I was always a bigger girl and became a bigger woman. There was so much shame in it that I spent almost 30 years on a “diet”, a yo-yo between letting it all go and strict deprivation. As I started to study myself I started to question the story I had around this. I believed I had to be thin to be successful, to be liked, to be accepted. Could changing this belief change my results in life? It certainly did, more than I ever imagined.

As I started to believe in my own personal power, things began to come into my life quickly. People, opportunities, ideas, all came so fast that it seemed like magic. My network marketing business was exploding and I was obsessed with studying the power within, and I started teaching it to anyone who would listen.

In November 2019 I was awoken, I had found it, my purpose. I was here to show others how to step into their own personal power and create the life they long for. I made the immediate decision to become a Consultant and be the light for those who needed it. Now I believe I AM special, I AM capable, I AM worthy of all things and am on a mission to show others they are too.

Not many people believe the changes in my life since that decision was made. I went from $3000 per month income to over $3.3 Million in 2020. Earlier this year I brought in $1 million in 7 weeks and now $1 million in the month of March. I have over 500 clients and am a top performing consultant with Proctor Gallagher. The best part, it was all rooted in self-love and generosity. I did it in my “bigger” body which makes me even more proud.

Bob told me this week that the only thing that changed was my beliefs about myself, and he couldn’t have said it more perfectly.

I say this with 100% confidence – YOU can create anything you want. My belief won’t do it though, only yours. Your time is NOW.

Kathleen Cameron
Chief Manifestation & Success Coach
Diamond Academy