two magic words to rewire your mindset by Robin Sharma

I love that science is now catching up with what the wisest, most successful and happiest among us have known for years: the words we speak shape our thinking, mold our behavior and construct our beliefs. 

Neuroscientists are discovering that the pre-frontal cortex (the area of the brain responsible for higher thinking such as creating bold dreams) is connected to the part responsible for our motor activities. 

In other words, the quality of the words we think and speak have striking power to influence and elevate our actions. 

Every day, I hear so many people using the language of victims. It’s all about how they can’t get fit or strong or that they can’t become more productive or that theycan’t do what needs to be done to create a life they adore… 

And, of course, what they speak about comes about. And their languaging becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy… 

But there are two words that will have an almost magical effect on your life once you start using them… 

…”I CAN.” 

…When you learn a new idea to raise your confidence, say “I can make this my new normal with a little focus and practice.” 

…When someone offers you an opportunity to improve your performance, say “I canget this done swiftly and excellently.” 

…When you face a fear or confront a challenge, say “I can turn this into a gift…and see this as a blessing.” 

Related to the words you speak are the things you focus on. We don’t really see the world the way it is. We see the world as WE are…through the personal lens of our most intimate beliefs. 

Look for good and you’ll find it. That’s just the way the brain works. 

Hunt for success, and you’ll get it. It’s not a mystical process. It’s just that the brain can’t focus on a million bits of stimuli at once so it selects out what you’ve taught it to think is unimportant. 

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