The 5 Pains of Mastery By Robin Sharma

Most of us have been hypnotized into thinking that suffering’s the wrong move, false path and worst play. 

But the truth is that every master suffers

You just can’t rise to iconic without experiencing the pain associated with greatness along the way. 

I call these The 5 Pains of Mastery. Understand them and rather than resisting them, you’ll leverage them to make EXPONENTIAL versus incremental growth. 

Mastery Pain #1: Ridicule 

Michelangelo was mocked for his vision for The Sistine Chapel by his jealous peers. 

Copernicus was condemned for his sense that the earth wasn’t flat. 

The very nature of mastery is an audacious act of disruption. To go for your personal greatness, you’ll see a future few see, have habits few have and produce results few do. 

This scares the 95%. It messes with their complacency. It suggests they too must do something big. 

And so rather than raising their games with you, it’s far easier for them to label you a misfit, call you an oddball and cry you’re an eccentric. 

Mastery Pain #2: Self-Doubt‎ 

As the dominant voices of the herd ridicule you, the performer on the path of mastery falls into self-doubt. 

You question your dream. You disbelieve your talents. You lose your faith. 

This is the second pain we all will face along the journey to becoming legendary. 

The key is to acknowledge the suffering yet keep moving forward. Remember: nothing stops the achiever who refuses to be stopped. 

Mastery Pain #3: Failure 

Ok. Big one here. 

So many of us are on fire with a vision until we meet our first obstacle. And then we retreat. 

But you’re smart and strong. So you get that a failure only becomes a failure when treated as a failure

Failures are gifts in wolf’s clothing. Nothing more. Leverage them to produce something even better. 

Mastery Pain #4: Isolation 

Standing for the highest of standards, installing the personal habits of the superproducers and having a vision braver than anyone around you will make you different. 

You’ll be misunderstood. 

You won’t fit in. 

You’ll be alone sometimes. 

But the pain of isolation is definitely less than the heartbreak of regret on a life weakly lived. 

Mastery Pain #5: ‎Confusion 

“Chaos gives birth to dancing stars,” said Nietzsche. 

As you advance on the master’s path, you disrupt all you knew yesterday for the sake of an even better tomorrow. 

You challenge your beliefs and you reorganize your ways of being. 

This creates confusion. And it can hurt. 

But confusion always gives way to clarity. And sooner rather than later you arrive at your next level of uncommon performance. 

And the way you do things wow those who watch. 

So please reflect on these “Pains of Mastery”. And just commit to doing what it takes to become your absolute best. 

It’s not easy. But it’s definitely worth it. 

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