Restoring Balance

We all come into this world with a task to accomplish… when we don’t think on these things and we get too caught up in the day to day we forget our spiritual responsibilities. We reach a stage where we ask, “Is this all there is?” – “Why am I here?”
Growing up in Barbados, we spent many wonderful days walking the beach and poking around the reefs of the east coast of the island… ahhhh… there is nothing between there and the coast of Africa – the air is cleaner and waves never stop crashing. 
My dad bought our beach house over 55 years ago. He wanted my eldest sister to spend as much time there so it would ease her asthmatic conditions. All four girls have the best memories of spending time at the beach house. The carefree days of being in the sun and getting the salt spray all over your skin and the sand in your hair – oh those were the days. I would spend hours looking into all the rock pools in the reefs at low tide. I’d talk to the fish and hold the sea urchins and watch all their spiny needles dance. I loved all the seaweeds and coral formations – they were home. They needed to be cared for and protected.   
Years later I would find myself happily married in Toronto. My husband Paul loved the east coast as much as I did and cared for the environment just as deeply. I always wanted to help but I didn’t know how. I wanted so much to clean up the beach and to educate people on being more environmentally conscious. We raised our boys checking out the fish and looking for patterns in the coral formations when we’d go on our holidays back home. They grew up frolicking in the same rock pools that we did and our parents did. I wanted for these precious human beings to have the same experiences that we had growing up.
There’s a part of us that gets lazy as we “grow up” – we forget the power and gifts given by the creative forces – we stop taking time to be still and we don’t make time to align with Source. This takes us away from the things we love and treasure – the same things we want for our children and our grandchildren. And yet if we don’t make time for those things and show our children that we are doing all that we can to keep “our home” pure and clean, how will they learn and what condition will our planet be in if we don’t make time to look after what we forget is most dear?
If every home made a conscious decision to live more mindfully, life would be more gracious. So often in the taking and working, we forget that a walk in the forest, a swim in the lake or just laying on a blanket in the park watching the leaves on the trees and the clouds in the sky is what we need most to feel that sense of what’s right with us – taking time to be grateful for all that we have. This can be done by going back to Mother Nature’s laws; to simplifying and making sure we all take time to connect to our divine nature. If we made more conscious choices of what we needed for ourselves, we would be gentler with ourselves and our planet. Even in the coldest longest winters, we can get cozy, close our eyes and give thanks. As we emerge into this spring, let’s remember to give back and take care of our Mother Earth.
Together we can restore balance to what really matters.
Mala Brindley

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