Positive Thinking: Do More with Your Life by Zig Ziglar

Just what can positive thinking do?
To be candid, some people have given positive thinking a bad name. I can’t stand to hear some gung-ho individual say that with positive thinking you can just do “anything.” If you think about that one for a moment, you recognize the absurdity of it. As a ridiculous example, I’m a positive thinker, but I could never slam-dunk a basketball or perform major surgery—or even minor surgery—on anyone and expect that person to survive.
It’s safe to say that positive thinking won’t let you do “anything.” However, it is even safer to say that positive thinking will let you do “everything” better than negative thinking will.

Positive thinking will let you use the ability which you have, and that is awesome. It works this way: You can walk into a dark room, flip on the switch and immediately the room is lighted. Flipping the switch did not generate the electricity; it released the electricity which had been stored. Positive thinking works that way—it releases the abilities which you have.
The student who hasn’t studied and prepared for the test won’t be helped by thinking positively. However, positive thinking will help the student who has studied and prepared by releasing the stored knowledge when the questions are asked.
To express it in a different way, knowledge breeds confidence, confidence breeds enthusiasm, and enthusiasm is an important key to being and doing more with your life.

Buy the positive approach to life and I will see you at the top.

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