Give What You Get… Get What You Give by Jack Canfield

There are laws at work in the universe regarding the flow of energy. As money is energy, it follows the same laws, and the Law of Attraction concerns the cycle of giving and getting. You give what you want to get— what you put out in the world comes back to you. The universe gives you things, and when you give them back, you complete the flow of energy.
Giving back is spiritual in nature. Take an inventory of all that you have now and all that you get every day. Are you grateful for it? Giving back is a way of saying thank you to the universe, and it creates a sense of alliance with the universal laws of abundance. There is enough for everyone; you need not hoard what is given to you. When you give back you are sending out an energetic message that you acknowledge that you have enough and you have a heart of gratitude for all that has come your way. When you give back, you open yourself to receive more.
Giving back, or tithing, can come in different forms.
It can come in the form of money, which is typically 10 percent of your gross income. Tithing your money should be a humble experience, and it shouldn’t be done whimsically. Think carefully about where you get your spiritual energy. What group, person or organization keeps you spiritually inspired? Giving money to these sources keeps them going for you—you put into motion a powerful cause and effect. You are sending your appreciation in the form of dollars they can use to keep being a source of spiritual growth.

And giving back money truly does create space in your life to receive more money. But tithing isn’t simply about giving so you will get more. It’s about gratitude and admitting that you are truly blessed for what you’ve already received. Beware, though, that if you take all you get without giving back, you create an energy imbalance. Wealth will not be able to flow to you or from you. When you give, you open yourself to get it back. You allow the energy of abundance to flow to you and from you.
Another way to give back is through your time. Serving through volunteer work creates the same flow of energy in your life. Volunteering also has many advantages that can help you achieve your success. It provides a way for you to network with others who serve, and you open yourself to new opportunities by meeting people you otherwise would not have met. You might even get offered a new opportunity simply by exposing the world to the skills that you possess. Even young people who volunteer are more likely to end up landing higher paying jobs than their peers who don’t serve.
You can develop new skills by volunteering—you’re getting a free education through service. You’ll build your self-esteem by being productive, learning new skills and creating a large network of relationships.

Just as giving money, though, be sure to give your time to organizations that speak to you. You’ll feel so much more committed and have a greater sense of contentment when you are part of a group that you truly believe in.
Giving back is a trait that successful people share. Trust the energy of abundance. Give a portion of what you are given, and discover for yourself how such a simple act can powerfully affect your life.

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