Disappointed by Robin Sharma

Yesterday I saw a woman lose hope.She was standing in front of me. In line at a store.

She opened up her purse to pay for her purchase. And then asked for a lottery ticket.

She scratched the numbers while the cashier waited, two humans holding their breath in hot anticipation for one of life’s great surprises to come their way…

But the numbers were losers. And the tickets were useless.

And so the woman’s life remained the same…

She looked visibly disappointed. And the cashier–a teenager who cared more than usual–gave her a “I’m so very sorry your life didn’t transform today” sort of a look.

It made me think about The Tale of 2 Mindsets…

The first and by far the most common is The Lottery Mindset.

It’s the default way of thinking of people resigned to being average. They believe that the only way to a life they love is to get lucky. To win the lottery. To have fortune fall into their laps one sunny Friday morning.

The second–and much more rare–mindset is The Mindset of Mastery.

The people who run this mental story get that you don’t get lucky. You create lucky.

These ultra-performers get that success and prosperity and vitality and service to humanity isn’t an act of coincidence, but a clearly constructed result.

You see…

We all can achieve amazing things in our lives.

But sadly, most of us haven’t learned the strategies, tools, daily habits and tactics to rise to the personal greatness that is our truest nature…

…you truly have been built to win and designed to wow.

…you truly are meant to be happy, fit, grateful, passionate, excellent and influential.

…you truly can achieve awesome things and make your mark on this big, brave and beautiful world we are blessed to find ourselves in.

But far too many among us are caught in The Lottery Mindset…

…giving away their power to luck versus strategy…

…hoping things will change versus knowing exactly what to do to make it all happen and then starting their process of mastery and success.

Please remember that life’s just too short to play small with your talents, gifts and purest potential.

Make today the day you throw off all chains, release all excuses and make a decision that will change the game for you.

This is my LARGEST hope for you.

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