Trick Questions – Interview Questions

Interview Question: Have you already done the best work you are capable of?

Answer Guide: Candidate should show confidence in regards to past work, believe that the best work is ahead of him, see this position, and the co-workers, as a positive way achieve more. Candidate should be modest, but confident.

Interview Question: How long will you stay with the company?

Answer Guide: Candidate should have researched the company and be able to explain how he/she will integrate themselves in the company.

Interview Question: Who is your role model?

Answer Guide: Applicant’s role model should contain the qualities and competencies employers would like to see in a successful candidate.

Interview Question: What would you like to be doing five years from now?

Answer Guide: Applicant should see themselves well integrated in the company. Candidate should have researched the company and explain their potential skills that could benefit the company.

Interview Question: How would your friends describe you?

Answer Guide: Answer should show focused and hard-working qualities and competencies. Descriptions should show the skills needed for this position.

Interview Question: How would you react if I told you your interview so far was terrible?

Answer Guide: This is a test to see how well the candidate can hold themselves together. Interviewer is looking for the ability to “think on your feet” and the skills to respond articulately under pressure. Applicant should be diplomatic notice that the interviewer used the word “if”.

Interview Question: Why should I hire you?

Answer Guide: Candidate should take the opportunity to sell their skills, knowledge, and abilities. Candidate should try to prove why t hey are perfect for the job, that they will do the job, and that they are manageable.

Interview Question: What can you do for us that someone else cannot do?

Answer Guide: Candidate should be eager to show his/her knowledge and interest in the company and eager to show that they have all the necessary skills and competencies to do the job successfully.

Interview Question: What was the last book you read or the last movie you saw and how did it affect you?

Answer Guide: Job seeker should emphasize his/her acquired skills, competencies, and interests. Some books or videos could demonstrate that the applicant is trying to improve their skills and knowledge.

Interview Question: Can you tell me what things really bother you?

Answer Guide: This question is similar to others in this section. The want to see if your answers maintain a reasonable level of consistency or if they are merely a façade. They are looking out for candidates with chips on their shoulder and repressed anger. The employer is seeking those who dislike under-performance and sloppy work practice.

Interview Question: Do you feel you could have done a better job than your previous boss?

Answer Guide: Candidates should not strongly criticize their old bosses. Their answers need to show diplomacy and tact with reasonable arguments. An enterprising attitude could be a positive option.

Interview Question: What are some of the things about your boss that you disliked?

Answer Guide: Candidate should remain calm and poised. They should not have strong, unreasonable emotions.

Interview Question: As we still have some time left, can you tell me a story?

Answer Guide: Candidate should maintain his/her composure and use the question to sell his/her abilities and skills to the employer.

Interview Question: Could I ask you, how do you rate me as an interviewer?

Answer Guide: This is a test looking for the candidate’s composure and ability to think on his/her feet. Applicant should be able to respond articulately under pressure.

Interview Question: What is the worst thing you have heard about our company?

Answer Guide: This question is designed to shock the applicant and test their composure and ability to think on their feet.

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