Teamwork – Interview Questions

Interview Question: Have you ever had a role in a team project where your role was not clearly defined? How do you handle this?

Answer Guide: Applicant should have the skills to confront and clarify without being confrontational. They should be actively prepared to make a full contribution to the project.

Interview Question: When your team encounters a problem, such as irritation with another co-worker, how do you reach a good resolution?

Answer Guide: Applicant should values working relationships, understand how important working relationships are for the company, and be prepared to work at making the relationship function well.

Interview Question: When you receive positive feedback about the completion of a project do you give your team any credit?

Answer Guide: Applicant should be prepared to nurture and recognize team efforts and not behave in a narcissistic manner.

Interview Question: When you are part of a team that is working exceptionally well, what do you think the reasons are for its success?

Answer Guide: Applicant should be aware of the recognition of a shared purpose, should understand the importance of collaboration, and be able to pool his/her resources.

Interview Question: When you have worked on a team, and your role was crucial, what was that role? In what way was this team effort different or similar to working on your own?

Answer Guide: Applicant should have the capacity to work as a team member and as an individual. They should also recognize the importance of their contributions.

Interview Question: When did you last coordinate your work with others in a team project? What was your most successful contribution?

Answer Guide: Answer should show an enthusiasm towards working within a team framework, an enjoyment of the collaborative benefits, and positive feelings about being part of a larger team.

Interview Question: When you feel that a team is working efficiently, except for the fact that one member is clearly not “pulling their weight”, what steps will you take?

Answer Guide: Applicant should be prepared to push for a situation where all members pool their knowledge, take steps to ensure all members pull their weight, and create a working environment that will improve their efficiency.

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