Sales Ability – Interview Questions

Interview Question: When was the last time you created a marketing innovation, which energized you, and why did it do so?

Answer Guide: Applicant should display good judgment in creating new marketing techniques and enjoy the process and the rewards that result from the innovation.

Interview Question: Apart from financial considerations, what is challenging about marketing?

Answer Guide: Applicant should understand the risks and challenges of new market developments.

Interview Question: What steps do you take when you have an idea to improve either a company service or product?

Answer Guide: Applicant should understand why they need to go to their direct superior first. They should have a commitment to improving products and services which increases positive customer relations. They should want to create a feeling of loyalty and build trust with co-workers and customers.

Interview Question: What steps to you take to promote a business idea to your manager?

Answer Guide: Applicant should have the motivation to inspire others with innovative ideas.

Interview Question: Is your objective to sell the company or the product when target marketing a customer directly?

Answer Guide: Applicant should understand the interaction between company, product quality, and reputation.

Interview Question: Market strategy is constantly changing, what steps have you taken in the last three months to keep up with of current trends?

Answer Guide: Answer should indicate that applicant knows how to keep up with changing trends and they should be able to recognizes the necessity of staying ahead in a constantly changing market.

Interview Question: Sell me this pen?

Answer Guide: Applicant should have the ability to pick out key features and benefits of a product and then ”‘sell” them effectively under pressure.

Interview Question: How would you rate yourself as a salesperson on a scale from 1 to 10?

Answer Guide: A very low rating suggests poor self-belief. Too high of a rating may suggest a level of arrogance that may be resistant to suggestions of improvement. However, if they can explain why they deserve a high rating then they may just be confident and aware of their selling skills.

Interview Question: What is your psychology of selling?

Answer Guide: Candidate should be well-versed and concise in describing his/her view of the entire structure of selling from qualifying a prospect, to handling objections, to closing.

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