Reliability – Interview Questions

Interview Question: How many days of attendance at work should be considered satisfactory? What has been your record of attendance at work?

Answer Guide: Applicant should feel that employees should make it to work everyday, unless there is a definite emergency. Job seeker should want to be punctual about attendance and consider attendance an important part of work.

Interview Question: Tell me about a time when you were accountable for a mistake you made. Did you accept responsibility?

Answer Guide: Answer should show that applicant can accept responsibility for any mistakes made.

Interview Question: Have any of your colleagues been regularly late at work? What was the reaction to this in your team?

Answer Guide: Job seeker should have an awareness and sincerity towards punctuality and attendance. Should consider regular attendance a necessary factor for success at work.

Interview Question: What is your approach towards your personal and professional goals? How do you prioritize them? Give me some examples?

Answer Guide: Applicant should consider work a very important part of life. And have the ability to adjust or compromise other issues to achieve professional goals.

Interview Question: Do you regularly keep in touch with customers? How do you tell customers about new products and updates?

Answer Guide: Applicant should want to keep a constant and persistent eye on his customers and their requirements. He/she should be at ease when communicating with his/her clients.

Interview Question: Tell me about a time you handled a situation in the wrong way? Did you admit your mistake? If so, to whom? How did you handle situation?

Answer Guide: Applicant should be straightforward, reliable, and able to accept their faults. They should want to learn from their mistakes and makes sure not to repeat them.

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