Problem Solving Abilities – Interview Questions

Interview Question: Please give me a specific example of how you obtained information to solve a problem? What was the problem and how did you decide what information you required?

Answer Guide: Candidate should have a logical method of acquiring information and have a valid problem solving model.

Interview Question: What steps did you take on the last occasion that you detected the cause of a company operating error?

Answer Guide: Answer should show that the job seeker has analytical and troubleshooting skills.

Interview Question: When you handle a project that requires systematic data acquisition and accurate analysis, what steps do you take?

Answer Guide: Job seeker should be methodical about the acquisition and analysis of data and recognize their function in the development of plans.

Interview Question: What is your approach to managing important projects?

Answer Guide: Job seeker should have the ability to anticipate and resolve issues. The candidate should be able to organize his work into manageable steps.

Interview Question: When faced with a work-related problem, what steps do you take to address the issue?

Answer Guide: Applicant should have an analytical approach to problem solving and use innovative methods.

Interview Question: On the last occasion that you went out of your way to analyze the cause of a problem, how did you proceed?

Answer Guide: Applicant should have the willingness to take whatever steps are necessary to analyze the cause of the problem. They should also have the capability to develop effective and innovative solutions.

Interview Question: What steps do you take when a colleague is impeding your progress at work?

Answer Guide: Candidate should not be confrontational, but prepared to negotiate a positive resolution.

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