Judgment – Interview Questions

Interview Question: When you observe a curious pattern in data, how do you analyze it?

Answer Guide: Candidate should have an ability to recognize data patterns and be able to use an analytical approach to assess why those patterns occur.

Interview Question: When a logical approach to a problem is ineffective, how do you come up with a solution?

Answer Guide: Job seeker should be capable of being a lateral and creative thinker when addressing problems.

Interview Question: What steps do you take when a customer claims that part of his consignment has not been delivered?

Answer Guide: Applicant should show the ability to take responsibility for actions outside his/her direct control.

Interview Question: What do you do when someone else’s errors are adversely affecting your project?

Answer Guide: Job seeker should have the skills to analyze the cause of the problem and can get to the truth before making a decision.

Interview Question: When was the last occasion that you had to make an instant character judgment of a person to come up with a solution to a problem?

Answer Guide: Job seeker should show the ability to appraise and evaluate another’s motives and intentions quickly. They need to do this in an effective manner.

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