Job Knowledge – Interview Questions

Interview Question: In which areas do you consider yourself to be a specialist, and how do you envisage being able to utilize your expertise within our organization?

Answer Guide: Commitment to expand expertise by building a foundation of core knowledge, and realizing that this base can be expanded.

Interview Question: In what specific areas do you need to expand your knowledge to become more proficient at this job?

Answer Guide: Job seeker should demonstrate a commitment to expanding knowledge in core functional areas and recognize the need to change and expand ideas.

Interview Question: In which areas of your job do you feel capable and in which areas to you feel more comfortable utilizing other people’s experience?

Answer Guide: Applicant should recognize their personal limitations, demonstrate a commitment to improve, and understand the value of team work.

Interview Question: When did you last volunteer to take a work project simply because it allowed you to expand your personal knowledge of the internal structure within your company?

Answer Guide: Answer should demonstrate a commitment to learn about the internal structure of their working environment.

Interview Question: Describe a recent occasion when you used your knowledge of the internal structure, within your company, to answer complex questions about the organization?

Answer Guide: Job seeker should have the ability to discuss technical issues about how the internal structure of a company works. This skill can assist either a customer or a supplier to use the company in a more productive manner.

Interview Question: Can you suggest methods to utilize your knowledge of the company’s structure to improve relationships with our customer’s and clients?

Answer Guide: Answer should demonstrate a willingness to improve customer relations.

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