Inventiveness – Interview Questions

Interview Question: When you need to create an order of job tasks that need to be completed, how do you decide which task has priority?

Answer Guide: Job seeker should be responsible enough prioritize their tasks. They should also have the ability to organize effectively, and focused enough to handle the most important tasks first.

Interview Question: What steps do you take when you have to make an immediate decision and you do not feel you have all the relevant or necessary information?

Answer Guide: Job seeker should be able to successfully handle a stressful situation and make a good decision. The applicant should be able to evaluate the current information effectively and make a good decision.

Interview Question: If you are given a specific problem to solve, how do you decide what information is necessary to come up with a good solution?

Answer Guide: Applicant should be capable of deciding what information is necessary to make an informed decision. If they are not they should be capable of using a team effort to bring about a successful conclusion.

Interview Question: You need information, and access to it is being denied to you. What steps do you take to acquire the information?

Answer Guide: Applicant should show that they are effective at troubleshooting any problems that may arise internally. They should be capable of building and utilizing an effective network of information.

Interview Question: When was the last time you used an inventive method to draw out company resources beyond a level that is usually met?

Answer Guide: Job seeker should be resourceful and ingenious when dealing with company information and equipment. He or she should effectively decide how to be a custodian of company assets.

Interview Question: When you are working, how often do you think of innovations that will improve your work performance?

Answer Guide: Applicant should be able to come up with and contribute ideas for solving problems. They should search for creative ways to improve processes and procedures and try out new ideas.

Interview Question: What if there was a person you intensively disliked within your work team, yet you sense that this person is going to be the most creative in bringing the assignment to an effective conclusion. What steps do you take to nurture their contribution and demonstrate that you value their input?

Answer Guide: Job seeker should be character driven rather than emotionally driven. A successful conclusion should take precedence over an emotional response.

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