Decision Making – Interview Questions

Interview Question: Explain an occasion where you had to make a decision on your own? Were you happy with your decision making process?

Interview Answer Guide: Candidate should show that they can think logically and wisely to arrive at a decision; Has a balanced thinking process; are not too gentle or too hasty in decision making process.

Interview Question: How do you react in a situation where you need to take an immediate decision? What process will you follow for decision making in such a critical situation?

Interview Answer Guide: Candidate should show that they have patience and the good judgment to identify problems first, then prioritize, and plan well in solving problems.

Interview Question: Have you ever faced a situation when you had to take a decision, which did not fall within in your area of responsibility?  What decision did you make and how?

Interview Answer Guide: Candidate’s answer should show that they know how to take responsibility, that they can make a decision to meet the needs of clients, and that they can make innovative decisions.

Interview Question: Have you ever tried to delay any decision-making? What were the consequences of this on both your company and customers?

Interview Answer Guide: You want to hear that the applicant does not like to delay decision-making, they can make quick decisions, and they can implement decisions in a timely manner.

Interview Question: Do you always make decisions on your own without the help of others? In which situations do you seek other’s help for decision-making?

Interview Answer Guide: Candidate should show that they have the presence of mind and sensibility to judge any situation and make a decision independently, if required. You should hear that in critical situation candidate will seek advice and guidance to reach correct decision.

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