Creativity – Interview Questions

Interview Question: How often do you discuss and work with colleagues to think up new systems and styles of working?

Interview Answer Guide: Job seeker should be enthusiastic to discuss and argue over challenges that need extensive thinking to develop innovative new systems and styles of working.

Interview Question: Have you ever tried a new way of doing things? Did you succeed?

Interview Answer Guide: Candidate should show that they are able to take risks in trying new solutions and ways of working; should be able to think beyond traditional thinking.; can develop innovation solutions to problems and enhance company performance.

Interview Question: Tell me about one case when you tried to solve a problem with a totally different approach than is normally used. What was the result?

Interview Answer Guide: Job seeker should be ready to solve problems in different ways; be ready to handle situations with innovative thinking, is ready and able to explore new solutions to fix existing problems.

Interview Question: Can you tell me about a situation, which you tried to solve a problem with ideas and methods that had not been tried before?

Interview Answer Guide: You want to hear answers that show that the applicant can come up with genuine ideas to handle problems; someone that can think “Out of the box”.

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