Coaching Ability – Interview Questions

Interview Question: What procedures do you use to evaluate the ability of your co-workers? What do you do to help your colleagues perform to the best of their abilities?

Interview Answer Guide: Should be able to recognize potential talent and abilities in others and nurture this attributes.

Interview Question: Give me an example in which you gave some on-the-job training to your subordinates. Please be as specific as possible

Interview Answer Guide: You should heart that they have provided on-the-job training for others; whether they have or haven’t the job seeker should appear to be helpful and committed to creating a strong well skilled team.

Interview Question: Do you think it is important for your colleagues to constantly update their skills? If so, what have you done to help in this matter?

Interview Answer Guide: Candidate should appear to take care of the people around him/her in the company, so that they can be more successful; motivates and inspires other to do better and achieve more; enhances education and skills.

Interview Question: What do you think are the main factors that normally boost the morale of your fellow workers? How would you incorporate these factors into this organization?

Interview Answer Guide: Candidate should know that workers need to feel valued for the contributions they make; clear goals that co-workers can work towards; co-workers should be given opportunities to grow, learn, and achieve within the workplace.

Interview Question: Describe a time when you helped a co-worker enhance their social skills.

Interview Answer Guide: Job seeker should seem to naturally help others in enhancing their skills.

Interview Question: As a team leader, how can you motivate a colleague who is not interested in working? What can be done to get him/her to contribute to the organization? Give an example if you have done something similar in the past.

Interview Answer Guide: Candidate should appear to view situations from the other person’s perspective, understands and can see potential problems, acts as a counselor, and tries to inspire colleagues.

Interview Question: Tell me about a time when you gave coaching sessions, yet the participants had difficulty in understanding the topics you were covering. What did you do?

Interview Answer Guide: Should appear to have the relevant coaching skills; has patience and does not mind repeating the topic until everyone understands the purpose of the coaching session.

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