These days many people are selling online products. You can get a new iPhone, android mobile phones at 50% DISCOUNT or many are selling these products at 80-90%off.

Have you ever thought that why the person is selling his brand new device at a meager price?Why don’t these people go to any reseller?How have they purchased this product?

Those products are carded. Yes, you have heard, right. It is carded, and the process is known as carding.

‘Beware, this is not a legal process. These people are considered as hackers, or we can say frauds’.

Carder had bought working credit card from the dark website, and after securing his location by applying Mac filter changes, IP changes, RDP he had purchased that product from someone else credit card. This is an illegal process, and it can put you under the bars if you don’t do the necessary step for your privacy. 

Let me clear you a brief about carding.
The people who do carding are called as carders. These people use credit cards, master cards, visa, and many more to do the payments in the online shopping websites, and they can get you many costly products at a meager price.If you have ever wondered how you can also do this?

If yes, you are in the right place. I am ……… and today I’m going to tell you how you can do carding from basic to professional method.

For carding, mainly, we need three things

1.        A proper working lives BIN.       Bin is the first six digit of credit card or any ATM card. There are many websites which can provide you BINS, and many sites generate live working cards from those bins.

2.        A website where carding is possible. There are many websites where we can do carding very quickly.

3.       Security  Security is an essential step for carding. I have already told you that It is an entirely illegal process, so you have to be completely secure before you proceed for carding.

Carding in Brief


Bank identification number

EX: CC- 4305467969346315|04|2011|52


David Ronnie

21 Mount road


BIN is the first six digits of this credit card. Each CC has unique BIN. I have attached list of common bank CC and their common unique BINS. You have to buy a credit card for carding. There are many websites from where you can purchase credit cards. These are known as dark web sites and you have to set unique DNS configuration in your browser to visit these websites, and you can buy latest working bins from there by paying them into bitcoins, PayPal or USD, etc. Bins also got patched by time, so they become dead after a specific amount of period. You have to be sure before buying those bins that you are going to buy live one.

Bins are available for specific websites

.•    Amazon bins

•    Flipkart bins

•    WalMart bins

•    eBay bins


After you have bought a card from a site now, Can you use that card on any website you want? My answer is no!

Firstly you have to be 100% sure that you are fully secure. You IP, the mac address is not vulnerable. For achieving this, you have to use RDP, VPN, SOCKS, HTTPS proxies. You can use good brand VPN or VIP Proxies. You can get proxies from many online websites. I’ll provide links below.

Process: There are different methods for carding; many got patched by time, and many new are coming. You can get a process from many forums and hacking websites.

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