​​​​Why Thermocole is kept in construction of Wall?

The Thermocole is used for preparation of the light weight Concrete and density is reduced to attain the maximum efficiency, whereas the self weight of the structure is minimized thereby reducing the dead load on Structure. The construction industry everywhere faces the problems and challenges, two-third of  the world surface is covered with water. It is therefore not surprising that there has been much activity with concrete in the sea in recent decades.The disadvantage of the Conventional Concrete is the high self weight Concrete, where as the density is in the order of 2200 to 2600 Kg/m3. In this technique the self weight of the Concrete is reduce to attain the efficiency of the Concrete as structural material. The light weight Concrete has the density of 300 to 1850Kg/m3, it helps to reduce the dead weight of the structure.

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