The Big Cats – E-Book

In Africa, they say that a male lion roars Ha inchi na yanni? Yangu, yangu, yangu! (Whose land is this? It is mine, mine, mine!). It is hard to listen to this ancient challenge without edging a little closer to the campfire. But what is behind that remarkable call?

Certainly, to some degree, cats are cats around the world. You look at one of the neighborhood tabbies stalking a squirrel and you can see in miniature a tiger stalking deer on the meadows of Rhanthambore. And yet partly because they are so majestic these big cats are different from the neighbor’s feline. For one thing they are the lords of their kingdom and travel confidence where small creatures scurry and hide. For many years, all they had to fear was each other, but the invention of gunpowder threatened to destroy this kingdom and send its feline lords to extinction. Fortunately there are more people like you that see big cats more as a companion to be admired rather than an enemy to be destroyed. Learn more about these great cats and their remarkable world. After all, we appreciate what we understand, and save what we appreciate.

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