How to Talk So People Listen – E-Book


This book is about getting what you want at work. I want to help you understand what happens in a variety of work situations when you try to express yourself, and to help you develop the new techniques you need for being clear and getting the responses you want. We’ll approach communicating as a complete process involving not only all of what you’re about but what other people need from you to listen.

In each aspect of your work-communication we will:

  • Focus on another dimension: the unfamiliar one of finding out what else you really want and need before you plan your strategy.
  • Understand the hidden and predictable agendas on the other side of the desk: what does the other person—the one you’re communicating with—want and need?
  • Gain information about issues common to all of us: what usually gets in the way as we interact at work: why effective communicating is often so hard to do.
  • Absorb some basic principles of communicating and why they work, in order for you to be most effective.

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