I flipped through the pages of a comic book. I couldn’t read at the time. I was only four years old. I got the jest of the story from the colored pictures.

At six years old, after two years of school. I could read simple words and sentences. I flipped through the comic book. I saw words I knew. “Mum! Mum, I can read!”

Good Intentions

Five birds are sitting on a telephone wire. Two decide to fly south. How many are left? Most people would say three. Actually, all five are left. You see, deciding to fly isn’t the same as doing it.

Who Are You?

It’s May of 2019. I’m unemployed, living in my dad’s basement, was lonely and depressed—sleeping over 16 hrs a day. I was severely overweight, had almost zero friends, and was extremely insecure about every aspect of my life. Since then, I have lost over 70lbs, have established multiple sources of income, and have friends from […]