We never said goodbye Poem by Anna Belle

We never said goodbye My days have been empty Without you I was lost You ought to forgive me, my love I kept my promise I returned and I see you anew Our paths have crossed again for Another smile and a final leave I turn away. Bond dissolved And reconciled fate You follow another […]

My heart, where are you now? Poem by Anna Belle

Once upon a time I roamed the lands with you Those days are gone My heart, where are you now? I loved you dearly I remember the sunshine on your hair When we strolled through the fields And made love under the blossomed trees The touch of your hand on my face Tender and soft […]

इक सफ़र में हूँ मुसलसल इक सफ़र मुझमे भी है

इक सफ़र में हूँ मुसलसल इक सफ़र मुझमे भी है 
इक शहर में घूमता हूँ, इक शहर मुझमे भी है !
मेरे टूटे घर को हंसकर देख मत मेरे रकीब
मै  अभी टूटा नहीं हूँ इक घर मुझमे भी है !

I will never let you go: Poem

Deep inside my soul is aching
Longing for your touch
Inside my chest my heart is breaking
I’m missing you so much.

Duniya Gol Hai: Poem

Zindagi hai to Khwaab Hai
_Khwaab Hai To Manzilein Hai
____Manzilein Hai To Fasaley Hai
__________Fasaley Hai To Rastey Hai