Corporate Finance – Finance Technical Interview Questions

What could a company do with excess cash on the balance sheet? What’s the difference between IRR, NPV and Payback? What are the impacts on earnings if a company builds a new factory using debt? operating lease? capital lease? cash? Why would a company repurchase its own stock? What signals (positive & negative) does this […]

Final Questions – Interview Questions

Interview Question: Is there anything you would like to add before we end? Interview Answer Guide: This is where the candidate should take the opportunity to sell themselves by reviewing skills, qualifications, education, and personality traits that would make him/her good for the open position. Employer will be looking watching the job seeker’s reaction and payi8ng attention […]

Safety Skills – Interview Questions

Interview Question: Has there been an occasion, when to proceed with a project you have had to use specialist safety equipment? Answer Guide: Applicant should be completely willing to acquire and use protective equipment and use their accessories. Interview Question: When was the last occasion you had to make an instant decision to prevent a dangerous situation from […]

Risk Taking – Interview Questions

Interview Question: Have you ever used a new idea without being certain of the outcome? What did you do and was it a good decision? Answer Guide: Job seeker should have an ability to experiment and assess the results of that change. Interview Question: What was the outcome of a time where you created an advantage for your […]

Responsibility – Interview Questions

Interview Question: Tell me about a time when you asked for extra responsibility in any of your previous jobs. Answer Guide: Applicant should show a natural desire for doing extra tasks willingly. Interview Question: Tell me about a specific task you undertook, which was a challenge for you? Answer Guide: Applicant should try to do his work with dedication, […]