Audit – Financial Terms

An audit is a professional, independent examination of a company’s financial statements and accounting documents according to generally accepted accounting principles. An IRS audit, in contrast, is an examination of a taxpayer’s return, usually to question the accuracy or acceptability of the information the return reports.

Automatic enrollment – Financial Terms

Your employer has the right to sign you up for your company’s 401(k) plan, in what’s known as an automatic, involuntary, or negative enrollment. If you don’t want to participate, you must refuse, in writing, to be part of the plan. In an automatic enrollment, the company determines the percentage of earnings you contribute and […]

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What Your Checkbook and Calendar Say About Your Values

If I wanted to check your credit worthiness, I’d look at your balance sheet — what you have and what you owe — and I’d want to know about your history of paying your debts. If I wanted to know your values, I’d look at your calendar and checkbook. How come? Well, the term “values” […]

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